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MTN Welcomes Its New CCO

She has more bandanas than Willie Nelson. She can brighten up any day – even a Monday – so
hard it will make you squint. And while Melby’s presence here speaks volumes about the
coolness of MTN as a company, it’s nothing compared to the sound of her breathing all loud
and heavy for no apparent reason.

Playing an indispensable role at this agency, Melby’s key work functions include napping,
making snorty grunts, trolling the office to get her butt scratched, and sometimes inspecting
employee trash cans to ensure not one morsel of food is being wasted. “Not when there are so
many stray dogs going to bed hungry” – direct quote. More than just MTN’s sweetheart,
Melby’s good-natured charm and sheer physical beauty has made her a hit with both clients
and fed-ex deliverymen alike.

When she’s not working hard to bring home the bacon, Melby is pursuing her true life’s passion
– chasing tennis balls. She can also be found swimming, hiding from vacuum cleaners, dabbling
in Hemmingway, and astounding everyone she knows with her recent weight-loss. That said –
the girl loves to eat!– and there’s no kibble or bit or absolutely horrifying unidentified object
that she will say “no” to. What’s her absolute favorite food? WINPRO Blood Protein Supplements.

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