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2019 Space Coast Addy Awards

MTN Wins Judges’ Choice Award for L3Harris at Space Coast ADDYs

Rockledge, FL: MTN Advertising, Brevard County’s premier and longest standing advertising agency, once again captured the Judge’s Choice and a half dozen other Addy Awards at the Annual Space Coast Ad Fed Gala held February 21.

MTN’s creative team, led by Chris Fynan and Jamie Guth, garnered an Addy for nearly each entry submitted. Beyond the L3Harris submission, MTN won two Gold Addy’s for Moon Golf, another Gold for L3 Harris, and one Silver Addy each for Florida City Gas and Brevard County’s Save Our Indian River Lagoon program, Check out some of the work on MTN’s YouTube channel.

“Over the past 33 years, we have won over 200 Addy Awards, but Best of Show’s and Judge’s Choice awards really give you something to hang your hat on” Chris Fynan, MTN partner and
Creative Director said. “The creative excellence on the Space Coast has dramatically improved over the past 15-20 years, so it’s rewarding to match our best against their best and come out on top.”

MTN Advertising, aka Marketing Talent Network, Inc., was established in 1986 by Walter Wood, BA Advertising/Math from the University of Florida. The long-term goal has always been to cultivate / network local talent to serve the needs of local and regional businesses. Firmly entrenched in the energy, aerospace and technical business arenas throughout the State of Florida, Wood sees a positive market outlook on the horizon as the torch is passed to a new generation. “After building this business and adjusting to the markets over the past 33 years, it’s good to know that even in the stoic and robotic disciplines necessary in today’s digital world, there’s still high demand for creativity in advertising and marketing.”

MTN crew at 2020 Addy's Gala

MTN Wins Big at 2018 Addys

MTN Advertising Wins “Best Of Show” At 2019 ADDY Awards

Rockledge, FL: MTN Advertising won “Best Of Show” at the 2019 American Advertising Awards Gala. The annual event, which honors the best in advertising on the Space Coast, took place Feb. 22 in Rockledge. Below is a full listing of the 2019 American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards won by MTN Advertising:

Ask4Flavor – Internet Commercial Campaign
Florida Public Utilities

Space Station Explorers Booth – Public Service Ambient Media
CASIS / ISS National Lab

Ask4Flavor – Internet Commercial Campaign
Florida Public Utilities

Ask4Gas – Internet Commercial Campaign
Florida Public Utilities

Ask4Gas Hurricane Party – Internet Commercial
Florida Public Utilities

Upward Magazine – Magazine Design
CASIS / ISS National Lab

Space Station Explorers Booth – Public Service Ambient Media
CASIS / ISS National Lab

Space Florida 2018 Annual Report – Public Service Annual Report
Space Florida

Community Foundation Logo – Public Service Brand Elements
Community Foundation For Brevard

Silver ADDY
Pros At Home – Regional / National Television Commercial Campaign
Florida City Gas

Silver ADDY
Community Foundation Website – Public Service Online / Interactive
Community Foundation For Brevard

“The ADDYs is something our team looks forward to all year because it allows us to not only showcase our creative work, but better yet, it gives us the chance to see all the amazing work being produced by other agencies throughout Brevard,” said Jamie Guth, Senior Art Director at MTN. “There’s no doubt that the creative bar is set high here on the Space Coast, and MTN is proud and honored to be among the agencies recognized.”

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MTN Wins Big at 2018 Addys



MTN Advertising Wins Eight Different Awards At 2018 ADDYs

Cocoa Beach, FL: MTN Advertising pulled eight different awards at the 2018 Space Coast ADDYS gala, including “Best Of Video”. The event took place on February 23 in Cocoa Beach to recognize creative excellence in local advertising. The agency earned “Best Of Video” – one of the night’s top four honors – for creating a Kickoff Video that debuted at the 2017 International Space Station Research and Development Conference in Washington D.C. Watch this video here:

MTN also took home three Gold and four Silver ADDY Awards for work attributed to the following companies:

  • CASIS (Center for the Advancement of Science in Space)
  • Electric Fun Rides
  • Rigg’s Outpost
  • Mick Graham / Raymond James

MTN at the Addy's 2018 Gala“We’re excited and honored to win these awards amidst all the creative talent that this area has to offer,” said Chris Fynan, Creative Director at MTN. “While our primary goal is to always execute great work for our customers, having our work recognized by industry peers makes a job we love that much better.”

“The talent pool in Brevard County has gotten incredibly deep as a function of new technology and hi-tech growth and development,” added Walter Wood, President of MTN. “It’s great to have clients like CASIS that allow our artists creative freedom and keep them inspired.”

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Join MTN's Rally to Help Puerto Rico

Join MTN’s Rally to Help Puerto Rico

Satellite Beach, FL: MTN Advertising, a local marketing firm in Satellite Beach, is teaming up with the United States Air Force and Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida to collect and send emergency supplies to Puerto Rico.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma and Maria, Puerto Rico is in a state of crisis. The U.S. territory is still suffering from mass flooding and devastation that continues to put Puerto Rican residents at risk. People throughout the island are lacking drinkable water, adequate food supplies, electricity, sewer service, fuel, phone, internet, and other means for critical aid. MTN Advertising is among many companies and communities across the nation rallying to get immediate support to Puerto Rico’s disaster victims.

MTN’s Puerto Rico Relief Drop-Off Event will take place Friday, Oct. 13, from 5 P.M – 8 P.M. It will be held in the Company’s front parking lot, located at 1355 South Patrick Drive in Satellite Beach. In addition to the drop-off box collecting emergency items, there will also be music, refreshments and prize raffles. Anyone wishing to donate items can choose to “drop and go”, or stay a while to enjoy the event.

Blankets, mosquito spray, baby formula and bottled water are some of the emergency supplies that will be collected. A complete list of accepted items can be found at Please no cash donations. Only new items can be accepted. More information about this event can be obtained by contacting: 321-779-1010,


MTN Advertising, Satellite Beach, has been providing all formats of marketing services to large and small businesses, nationally and locally, for over 30 years. After marketing analysis and consultation, the agency offers services in Graphic Design, Web Site Development, Social Media, Video Production, Copywriting, Media Placement and follow through. Visit for more information or contact: Angeline Mericle, Director of Operations, MTN, phone (321) 779-1010,



    • • Pajamas (women’s and men’s)
    • • Blankets
    • • Towels
    • • Soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste
    • • Adult diapers (L – XL)
    • • Basic drugstore medication
    • • Bottled water
    • • Feminine products
    • • Sleeping bags & cots
    • • Bed sheets & pillowcases
    • • Baby formula
    • • Insect repellent
    • • Baby wipes
    • • Baby diapers
    • • First-aid kits
    • • Personal hygiene products
    • • Construction materials to fix houses
    • • Canopies & tarps
      • • Pet food
      • Pots, pans, silverware
    • • Cardboard boxes (moving/packing)

MTN Advertising Wins “Best Of Print” Two Years In A Row

Cocoa Beach, FL: MTN Advertising won “Best Of Print” at the 2017 Space Coast ADDY Awards – one-of-four top honors. The annual event took place Feb. 11 in Cocoa Beach to recognize creative excellence in local advertising. This marks MTN Advertising’s second consecutive year of claiming “Best Of Print”. Both back-to-back wins are from work done on CASIS’ Annual Report (2014 and 2015).

In addition, MTN emerged from the gala with two Gold ADDY Awards and four Silver Awards, attributed to the following clients:

• Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)
• Indienomican
• Florida Gas Utility
• SecurPoint
• Sorenson Moving & Storage

“The competition and level of creative in Brevard is getting better every year,” said Walter Wood, President of MTN Advertising. “I would put any of our top agencies one-to-one against any agency or creative team from anywhere in the country. It’s the same reason our surfers are better… they make do with smaller waves, we creative masterpieces with smaller budgets.”

Addys 2017 Best of Print

The ADDY Awards is sponsored by the American Advertising Federation – Space Coast (AAFSC), which is the District 4 chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Winning work will next compete at the district level, and qualifying entries will ultimately progress to the national finals.

MTN Advertising, Satellite Beach, has been providing all formats of marketing services to large and small businesses, nationally and locally, for over 30 years. After marketing analysis and consultation, the agency offers services in Graphic Design, Web Site Development, Social Media, Video Production, Copywriting, Media Placement and follow through. Visit for more information or contact: Jenna Bernardo, Copywriter/PR Director, MTN, phone (321) 779-1010,

Twitter Chatter, Twitter Lists

Sift Through the Chatter with Twitter Lists

When used effectively, social media can be an easy, cost-effective way to boost your brand’s online presence. With more than 300 million active users sharing their thoughts in 140-character “tweets” every month, Twitter can be one of the most fast-paced, intimidating platforms for a social media marketer to tackle.

Creating curated groups of accounts with Twitter lists will allow you to follow industry news and developments, keep an eye on your competitors and maintain relationships with your customers through customized streams.

Our Tips for Effectively Using Twitter Lists

Start by sorting similar accounts into groups

Industry influencers and media can be placed in public Twitter lists that are available for any user to view. Additional public lists of your loyal customers and employee advocates provide a glimpse into the culture of your brand. Monitor members of these lists to make sure that they are not behaving in a way that negatively reflects on your brand.

Your competitors and prospective customers should be placed into private lists that only you can view. They will not be notified that they have been added to the list, allowing you to privately monitor their behaviors.

Build relationships with your social community

On Twitter, following, liking, and retweeting are the most common ways to build and maintain relationships. With Twitter lists, users can subscribe to each other’s custom lists, further strengthening those bonds and introducing each other to new, potential connections.

As your lists gain more subscribers, users are more likely to return to you for guidance on those topics.

Provide social proof with Likes

In addition to your custom Twitter lists, users can view a list of tweets you have liked from your profile page. Be diligent with liking and retweeting positive shoutouts and related media articles in order to provide “social proof” of your industry-related knowledge and influence.

Need help managing social media for your business? Contact the experts at MTN Advertising today!

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Drive Traffic to Website or Blog

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Looking to increase the traffic to your website or blog? Integrate these strategies into your digital marketing plan and watch the visits roll in. Make sure to review your analytics data regularly to see what works for you and make modifications as necessary.

  1. User Experience

Visitors are more likely to leave a site (and even abandon an inquiry or purchase) if a site doesn’t load quickly or otherwise meet their expectations. Try a website speed test, like this one from Google, to find out more about your site’s performance. While we all know that the world has gone mobile – that doesn’t mean we should ignore our desktop sites! Many users may start a process on their smartphone that they finish later on their desktop computer, so ensure that your user experience is improved and streamlined across all platforms.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that your site is fast and mobile-friendly, help visitors find it efficiently through both desktop and mobile searches. Ideally, your website will show up on the first page of the search results – if not, potential search traffic might go elsewhere. Do your research on relevant keywords and work with your Webmaster to incorporate other SEO best practices into all of your content and throughout your site. Find a more in-depth post on SEO here.

  1. Pay-Per-Click

Another way to bring visitors to your site is to utilize display and text ads throughout a network of websites and mobile apps related to your product or service, like with Google AdWords. With pay-per-click ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and your ad only pops up during relevant searches or browsing activity. This is an easy way to target your audience, but requires maintenance in order to remain effective. (MTN has two AdWords Certified team members on staff available to create and monitor your campaigns.)

  1. Keep It Interesting

Now that you’ve got new users visiting your site, keep them coming back for more by regularly offering interesting content. Mix it up by adding photos, videos and other graphic elements, and let your site become a resource for news and information related to your product or service. Become a reputable source by building relationships with industry thought leaders – attend local conventions, host a webinar or conference and post curated content from their sites on your blog or social media accounts.

  1. Build A Community

Does your brand have a presence on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to build a sense of community with your customers and related businesses. Staying active on social media allows you a quick and easy way to maintain a conversation with users by sharing new content and responding to their comments and questions.

Need help driving traffic to your website? Contact the experts at MTN Advertising today!

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ISS R&D Conference Collateral

MTN Brands ISS R&D Conference For Second Year

San Diego, CA: Satellite Beach based MTN Advertising was once again called upon by the International Space Station for their 2016 R&D Conference, July 11-14 in San Diego.

With this year’s theme of “Your Catalyst For Discovery”, the event explored unprecedented scientific research being conducted in microgravity aboard the International Space Station (ISS). MTN developed the visual aspects that created a cohesive conference environment, including: way-finding and informative signage, collateral and digital elements.

“It’s an honor to be tapped again for such an important event,” said Chris Fynan, MTN’s Creative Director. “Being part of a conference that brings some of the world’s brightest minds together to further the advancement of humanity is a truly exciting project that we’d look forward to year after year.”

MTN Advertising, Satellite Beach, has been providing all formats of marketing services to large and small businesses, nationally and locally, for over 28 years. Interested parties can view the agency’s portfolio at

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Using Pinterest For Your Business

Using Pinterest For Your Business

With over 100 million active users, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. Pinterest allows users to build virtual bulletin boards by “pinning” ideas and inspiration through Pinterest search or directly from a website. This simple to use “virtual idea board” is favored mostly by women as a go-to source for ideas on new recipes, DIY projects, clothing, and more. In fact 70% of Pinterest users are female from the ages of 25 to 34 with a four-year degree. Nearly a third of these users have an annual income of $100,000 or more. If this sounds like the right target market for your business, it’s imperative that your company has a presence on Pinterest. Here are a few tips on getting your business started with a Pinterest account.

Prepare Your Website

Before you begin to set up a Pinterest account, you must prepare your website. Since Pinterest is all about pinning images you want to make sure the images on your website are taller than they are wide and at least 600 pixels and that your images should be able to pin directly from your website. This means having a Pinterest button installed directly to your page. Pinterest is also highly used from a mobile device, so keep in mind your website should be developed to be mobile friendly.

Upload Pins

Once you create a Pinterest account and start uploading your pins, make sure your descriptions for each pin are detailed and use simple graphics. It is always a good rule of thumb to include longer descriptions and create images that are at least 600 x 1200 (or more) pixels in size. Also, keep in mind Pinterest is used as an learning and purchasing tool for pinners. Choose informative content for your boards to get the most re-pins and extend your reach in your audience.

Fit Into The Trends

The top categories most searched on Pinterest are food and clothing. If you can, try to fit your business into one of these categories. For example, if you are a company that sells cookware you can fit yourself in the food category by pinning recipes and suggest which cookware to use when making that recipe.

Market Your Pins

Once you have created your Pinterest account and pins, you can turn your boards into an email campaign in efforts to gaining more followers. Be sure to add a “pin it” button to the images in the email.


Incorporate HD videos into your campaign. Using HD videos are an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Happy pinning!

Need help with your social media marketing? Contact MTN Advertising today!

Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Long live email marketing! Ok, so we may be a little dramatic but regardless what others may say, we believe email marketing is in fact not dead and is essential when developing a digital marketing plan.

Email marketing is still the number one tool in generating the most ROI in a marketing campaign and is a great source for putting your message in front of a lot of people. How many people exactly? Well, how about 4.35 billion! And the reach keeps growing. Email accounts are predicted to reach 5.59 billion by 2019.

We agree, most of us hate getting junk mail. We may even have created an email account or two just for receiving subscriptions and newsletters but that doesn’t mean that most inboxes are just a black hole where once you click send its lost in cyberspace collecting dust in someone’s inbox. People actually like getting emails. Ninety-five percent of people who sign up for a newsletter from a trusting brand consider the information useful. So, you want to be sure to use short catchy headlines to immediately grab attention and avoid the click of “move to junk” button. Keep these rules of thumb in mind when developing your next email marketing campaign.

  1. Build awareness
    • Send an initial email to let your customer know about your product or service.
  2. Stimulate a desire
    • Tell them where or how to get it
  3. Transform prospects to customers
    • Offer a discount or promotion
  4. Sell them related products/services
    • Build interest in other products or services that your business can provide that is relatable.

Use social sharing buttons. Statistics show that adding social sharing buttons to your email can increase email click through rates by one hundred and fifty-eight percent. By simply adding these buttons automatically increases trust.

Social Media is also a great way to drive people back to your email list. Use a Facebook business page to install a sign-up form app to Facebook or create fun posts with a request to subscribe – images help! Instagram and Pinterest can also be used to promote a sign-up form.

Need help with managing your email marketing? Contact MTN Advertising today!