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MTN Advertising Claims Double Gold At District ADDY Awards & Judge’s Choice Award For Innovation

Satellite Beach, FL: So far, 2014 has been a year of big wins for MTN Advertising. In addition to taking home two gold ADDY Awards, fourteen silver and the first-ever Judge’s Choice Award For Innovation at the regional competition, MTN’s work went onto the District Awards where it won two Gold ADDY Awards: one for an Annual Report Online Publication for Harris, and the other for a Sea Turtle video done for Lighting Science. The Company also earned a Silver District ADDY Award for their work on the Health First Kung Flu Video.

MTN’s Winning Work will next compete among other national finalists, and winners will be announced at the National American Advertising Awards Competition, which will take place in Boca Raton, FL on May 31st. Competition at the District level includes agencies in Florida and the Caribbean.

“What’s great about the team at MTN is they seem to embrace a shared philosophy that’s about more than just coming to work and collecting paychecks, but excelling at—and genuinely loving—what they do,” said Walter Wood, President of MTN. “And beyond being recognized by their peers and other top professionals in the industry, the ADDYs is a great way for them to do the same in return. Not to mention, stay on top of all the new communication avenues and fresh creative out there.”

Last year, MTN Advertising took home nine Gold ADDYs and six Silvers, as well as top honors for ‘Best Of Broadcast’, ‘Best of Interactive’, and the regional competition’s biggest award, ‘Best of Show’.

The ADDY Awards is sponsored by the American Advertising Federation – Space Coast (AAFSC), which is the District 4 chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Local winners are submitted to the regional competition, and ultimately, the national finals.

MTN Advertising, Satellite Beach, has been providing all formats of marketing services to large and small businesses, nationally and locally, for over 27years. After marketing analysis and consultation, the agency offers services in Graphic Design, Web Site Development, Social Media, Video Production, Copywriting, Media Placement and follow through. Visit for more information.

For more information please contact: Jenna Bernardo, Copywriter/PR Director, MTN, phone (321) 779-1010,


MTN Has Another Busy Year of Successful Advertising

Satellite Beach, FL: Thanks to all the hard work and time donation from the members of AAF Space Coast, we had a fantastic ADDY Awards Gala at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne Beach Oceanfront—highlighting this year’s most talented local agencies. MTN’s busy year of advertising brought home 7 Gold and 23 Silver awards!

For more information please contact: Jenna Bernardo, Copywriter/PR Director, MTN, phone (321) 779-1010,