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Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Long live email marketing! Ok, so we may be a little dramatic but regardless what others may say, we believe email marketing is in fact not dead and is essential when developing a digital marketing plan.

Email marketing is still the number one tool in generating the most ROI in a marketing campaign and is a great source for putting your message in front of a lot of people. How many people exactly? Well, how about 4.35 billion! And the reach keeps growing. Email accounts are predicted to reach 5.59 billion by 2019.

We agree, most of us hate getting junk mail. We may even have created an email account or two just for receiving subscriptions and newsletters but that doesn’t mean that most inboxes are just a black hole where once you click send its lost in cyberspace collecting dust in someone’s inbox. People actually like getting emails. Ninety-five percent of people who sign up for a newsletter from a trusting brand consider the information useful. So, you want to be sure to use short catchy headlines to immediately grab attention and avoid the click of “move to junk” button. Keep these rules of thumb in mind when developing your next email marketing campaign.

  1. Build awareness
    • Send an initial email to let your customer know about your product or service.
  2. Stimulate a desire
    • Tell them where or how to get it
  3. Transform prospects to customers
    • Offer a discount or promotion
  4. Sell them related products/services
    • Build interest in other products or services that your business can provide that is relatable.

Use social sharing buttons. Statistics show that adding social sharing buttons to your email can increase email click through rates by one hundred and fifty-eight percent. By simply adding these buttons automatically increases trust.

Social Media is also a great way to drive people back to your email list. Use a Facebook business page to install a sign-up form app to Facebook or create fun posts with a request to subscribe – images help! Instagram and Pinterest can also be used to promote a sign-up form.

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