His random guitar riffs can be heard at every given point of the office. Much like his version of a whisper. Never failing to prove himself as noisy as he is nice, Walter Wood is known for spreading the fun, love and laughs, but moreover, for knowing exactly what it takes to keep his team tuned up and amped to perform.

As lead player, Wood coordinates every endeavor, validates all creative and oversees operations from concept development to media strategy. A University of Florida graduate with a major in Advertising and a minor in Mathematics, Wood gained his industry bearing working for multiple Gainesville radio and television stations. And after a 2-½ year stint at a Cocoa Beach Ad agency, he founded MTN in his very own apartment with $400, a Tandy 1000 and great clients like Hydro Aluminum, Post Properties of Atlanta, Premium Pest Control, and All Florida Paint.

Nearly three decades later, Wood’s average workday consists of golfing with clients, sort of pretending to work, and reciting repetitive monologues about being “put on the pasture”. In his “free time”, this father-of-two enjoys supporting the hopes and dreams of his gifted offspring, which most recently entails cheering his daughter toward future Olympic volleyball stardom, and fostering his son’s never-ending tennis hunger, Lego Robotics cravings, and urge to catch every fish within a hundred miles.

Wood can also be found boating, surfing, writing, shooting hoops, hitting up Kiwi tennis club, serving his church, and naturally, rocking out with The Pool Boys at a bar near you.


He takes his music loud. There’s no fact too random for interest. And when it comes to toys—the higher tech, the better.

At MTN, this creative director plays it all. With his original ideas, brilliant executions, and more than a decade’s worth of MTN experience under his belt, Fynan is downright irreplaceable. Possessing the ability to harmonize numbers with colors, he has his hands on every piece of the conceptual puzzle—and knows how to strike the perfect chord with clients.

Growing up an Air Force brat and the last of six kids, Fynan is no stranger to the road. Having past design gigs at multiple venues, including Art Director at Jupiter Media, and webmaster at Harris Corporation. Fynan has seen the many sides of the industry—and rocked them all. These days, when he’s not busy changing diapers or providing the entertainment at company volleyball games, this new dad and doting husband can be found watching documentaries, scuba diving, or spending Q.T. with his friends and growing family. Aka: his beautiful and fabulous-in-every-way PhD wife, and their adorable baby, Addison.


Spirited by nature. Nature-lover? An understatement. Truly one-of-a-kind, Guth has the ‘tude to hang with any tide—and brings an earthy groove to the mix.

Sure, this Art Director paints pretty pictures; even better, she never fails to see the big one. Mixing beauty and brains, she has a keen eye for art and her heart in every project. Using her design talent and business savvy to the client’s benefit, she takes a hands-on approach to everything. (…She even waters the office plants, which may or may not have eaten at least two former employees.)

Guth degreed at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) before earning a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Arguing the sunny side to everything, she sees the ‘up’ side of ‘down’ and finds intrigue in the unexpected. Rather fond of fun, this avid yogi athlete uses time off to compete in triathlons, plan adventures with her man, Mike, see live music, camp, hike, play in the waves, stare at maps, flex her photography muscles…among about a million other things. Literally.


Joanie’s bio coming soon!


She eats the Barnes & Noble bestseller rack for breakfast. If she stops fidgeting, better check her pulse. High heels, yoga pants and a bottomless wine glass—essential after-hours staples.

Intensely displacing Wood as lead copywriter/ public relations director at MTN, “Walter 2.0” goes on record as the first straight-from-college-graduate to ever get hired at MTN. She’s that interesting. With a degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Spanish Studies from the University of Minnesota, you betcha Bernardo brings a new perspective to the MTN mix, breathing light into every room and a song to every page.

When she’s not quenching her raging smoothie addiction at the LA Fitness on Lake Washington and Wickham (the java jolt alone is worth switching gyms for, you guys, seriously), or dropping it like it’s scalding to “What We Do” by A Lee and Axel (Best. Song. Ever.), Bernardo can be spotted attempting to kick butt at everything from kickboxing to kickball…or just kicking it at the beach with her two black labs. A tomboy at heart, she’s also a big fan of all things adrenaline inducing and outdoorsy, and is infamous for riding on the adventure-having coattails of fellow MTNer, Jamie.


He plays not one, not two, but (drum roll) eight different instruments. He can also whistle and hum simultaneously, as if not enough of a showoff already. And while Nick is no doubt a man of many talents, nowhere is his mash-up of range and polish more coveted than with the likes of MTN.

After studying graphic design at the University of Central Florida, this Orlando-native strummed up mad industry cred with featured illustrations on sites like Tumblr Radar and Society6, and for his work at AnayltX and eFront (both international companies). Background and beyond, it’s no wonder he earned internal acclaim for everything from video/post production to website development within, like, two seconds of starting. Cracking-up coworkers? Yet another skillset illustrated since day one….

Off the clock, Nick serves as media director for his church and plays on the worship team. He’s also into old-school Nintendo, touring art galleries, mixing his own music, watching cooking shows, nerding out to comic books, and chilling out with his wife, Tiffany.


She’s read Harry Potter more times than you can shake a wand at. Her “jam” boogies from Barbara Streisand one millisecond to Led Zeppelin the next. And if you think home-girl’s taste in music is versatile, you ought to see her in action here at MTN.

Matter of fact, this Florida Institute of Technology graduate has wasted no time kicking butt and taking praise as the agency’s newest Account Coordinator. Apart from holding all the right SEO credentials, including certification in Google AdWords and Analytics, Vestgard’s born intellect, natural knack for marketing, and coolheaded professionalism will undoubtedly make her an ongoing asset “for as long as the ad game shall live”.

Off the clock, the low-key bride-to-be can be caught cooking her BBQ-loving face off, tending to her jalapeno garden, and planning her Broadway-drenched NYC honeymoon…in-between a myriad of ninja yoga poses. And despite the amount of nerve it takes for Miss Native Floridian not to like sunshine, seafood, or (horror of horrors!) the beach, she is a dog-lover. So that makes up for it.


He could be smiling inside. Or perhaps he’s imagining how you might look plunging to the depths of the fiery underworld. Either way—you’d never know it.

And while Chris’ poker face is enough to put a casino out of business, the sheer value he brings to MTN is already a surefire bet. As the Company’s human brain of a web developer, “CJ” works wonders in bringing websites to life and shaping the user experience. (Translation: he makes websites do amazing things.) As far as formal credentials go? Chris earned his degree in Computer Programming and Analysis at Eastern Florida State College, where he also emerged fluent in sarcasm. Furthermore, thanks in part to his own raging google-holism, this web programmer is a fatal force in SEO.

Case in point—even in his off hours, Chris reads as much online content as he can get his hands on. Apart from his techie side, however? Chris is a philosopher at heart who loves animals and clean eating. Hence why he’s a vegetarian (most of the time). Not only is he a proud dog owner, in fact, but he takes in foster dogs too! When he’s not saving animals, Chris can be found getting whooped at video games. Then he googles the pain away while binge watching classic horror films and eating an entire gallon of soy meat.


She can formulate million-dollar marketing strategies and change your oil in the time it takes most people to scratch their head. She’s extensively versed in everything from SEO to SEM to PR, and still has the energy to speak fluent-ish French. Perhaps the only thing she can’t do? Anything blasé.

Before kick-starting her twenty-plus-year career in global advertising, MTN’s skilled-to-the-gills Account Exec attended the University of Central Florida before earning her MBA in Marketing (with Distinction, of course) at the Keller Graduate School of Management. After that: the world.

In fact, not only has Susan’s crème de la crème pedigree gained her robust experience with clients spanning from billion-dollar organizations to your local “mom-and-pop”. It has sent her to countries like China, Belgium and beyond—and landed her big-city positions in Atlanta, Charlotte, and most recently, Chicago—before boomeranging her back to Central Florida in 2014. (Score!)

When Susan isn’t crushing it at the office, she can be found training for triathlons, traveling the world over, paddle boarding, pampering her three cats, and indulging her inner-foodie with the likes of her longtime hubby, Doug. She’s also belonged to the American Marketing Association since 2001. As for any dirt…? On top of suffering from occasional road rage, Susan is mildly-to-moderately addicted to French travel books and CHEEZ-ITS.  (Hope you were sitting down for that.)


She has more bandanas than Willie Nelson. She can brighten up any day—even a Monday—so hard it will make you squint. And while Melby’s presence here speaks volumes about the coolness of MTN as a company, it’s nothing compared to the sound of her breathing all loud and heavy for no apparent reason.

Playing an indispensable role at this agency, Melby’s key work functions include napping, making snorty grunts, trolling the office to get her butt scratched, and sometimes inspecting employee trash cans to ensure not one morsel of food is being wasted. “Not when there are so many stray dogs going to bed hungry”—direct quote. More than just MTN’s sweetheart, Melby’s good-natured charm and sheer physical beauty has made her a hit with both clients and fed-ex deliverymen alike.

When she’s not working hard to bring home the bacon, Melby is pursuing her true life’s passion—chasing tennis balls. She can also be found swimming, hiding from vacuum cleaners, dabbling in Hemmingway, and astounding everyone she knows with her recent weight-loss. That said—the girl loves to eat!– and there’s no kibble or bit or absolutely horrifying unidentified object that she will say “no” to. What’s her absolute favorite food, if she had to pick? WINPRO Blood Protein Supplements. (Never heard of it? Click on the link already!)