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Using Pinterest For Your Business

Using Pinterest For Your Business

With over 100 million active users, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. Pinterest allows users to build virtual bulletin boards by “pinning” ideas and inspiration through Pinterest search or directly from a website. This simple to use “virtual idea board” is favored mostly by women as a go-to source for ideas on new recipes, DIY projects, clothing, and more. In fact 70% of Pinterest users are female from the ages of 25 to 34 with a four-year degree. Nearly a third of these users have an annual income of $100,000 or more. If this sounds like the right target market for your business, it’s imperative that your company has a presence on Pinterest. Here are a few tips on getting your business started with a Pinterest account.

Prepare Your Website

Before you begin to set up a Pinterest account, you must prepare your website. Since Pinterest is all about pinning images you want to make sure the images on your website are taller than they are wide and at least 600 pixels and that your images should be able to pin directly from your website. This means having a Pinterest button installed directly to your page. Pinterest is also highly used from a mobile device, so keep in mind your website should be developed to be mobile friendly.

Upload Pins

Once you create a Pinterest account and start uploading your pins, make sure your descriptions for each pin are detailed and use simple graphics. It is always a good rule of thumb to include longer descriptions and create images that are at least 600 x 1200 (or more) pixels in size. Also, keep in mind Pinterest is used as an learning and purchasing tool for pinners. Choose informative content for your boards to get the most re-pins and extend your reach in your audience.

Fit Into The Trends

The top categories most searched on Pinterest are food and clothing. If you can, try to fit your business into one of these categories. For example, if you are a company that sells cookware you can fit yourself in the food category by pinning recipes and suggest which cookware to use when making that recipe.

Market Your Pins

Once you have created your Pinterest account and pins, you can turn your boards into an email campaign in efforts to gaining more followers. Be sure to add a “pin it” button to the images in the email.


Incorporate HD videos into your campaign. Using HD videos are an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Happy pinning!

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