MTN Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy

At MTN, we believe in leveraging the best of technology and human ingenuity to continually improve our offerings and deliver top-quality work. As part of our ongoing commitment to creativity, agility, and accountability, we are evaluating and integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in our processes.

AI represents an exciting frontier in creative design and marketing, promising a new era of efficiency and precision. However, we want to assure our clients that we balance this technology with our core value of authenticity.

Our utilization of AI tools, including advanced platforms such as ChatGPT for concepting, crafting, rewriting, and proofreading content, will always be bolstered by the creativity and discernment of our human team. Every application of AI is carefully initiated, closely monitored, and critically reviewed by our seasoned professionals. This ensures that our AI use aligns with our commitment to creativity, accountability, and stewardship, safeguarding the unique, custom approach we bring to all our work.

At this time, we may utilize AI tools for retouching tasks but will not be using solely AI-generated imagery. This approach allows us to enhance efficiency and precision, while still relying on the irreplaceable talent of our human designers for the creative process.

While we leverage these powerful AI tools, we want to emphasize that we do not rely solely on them as a source of accuracy. We understand and respect the limitations of these tools. The real genius lies in our people, who imbue every piece of content with creativity and insight, ensuring each output’s accuracy, relevance, and uniqueness.

Moreover, we take copyright and plagiarism concerns very seriously. AI tools are used responsibly, ensuring all content generated avoids these conflicts and is respectful of intellectual property rights.

Our exploration and integration of AI technologies is driven by our commitment to provide the best product for our customers. It’s about embracing innovation without losing sight of the human touch – the authenticity that forms the backbone of our creative output.

We firmly believe that our responsible and thoughtful use of AI will enhance our agility and confidence in delivering top-quality, creative marketing solutions for our clients. As always, we hold ourselves accountable to the high standards we’ve set, remaining faithful stewards of both your brand’s vision and the advanced tools we wield.

As this landscape evolves, we promise to stay true to our core values, combining the best of technology with human creativity and intuition, ultimately bringing you the most efficient, authentic, and superior creative products.

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