Happy Healthy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Halloween has always been synonymous with candy and over indulgence. This year, MTN decided to breathe new life into that concept by curating a charcuterie board that’s good for your mind, body and spirit.

First, we made a charcuterie cemetery packed with healthy snacks. Fig newtons become grave stones, bananas with coffee bean mouths and dark chocolate eyes come to life as ghosts, and probiotic yogurt swirled with locally-sourced honey is just right for a full moon.

Another great trick: replace the pumpkin-shaped cookies with peeled tangerines and mint stems to create a pumpkin patch.

Setting the scene: We gathered herbs, palm fronds and spooky sticks from the garden to enhance the set.

Guests can also cheat death by sipping on an antioxidant-packed mocktail. Muddle fresh blackberries in pomegranate juice, mix with ginger beer and finish it off with a spicy ginger rim.

Close out the night with some soul-enriching conversations over hot apple cider, garnished with cinnamon sticks and thyme. Wishing you a healthful Halloween!

The MTN Team

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Halloween Celebration