S'more Reasons to Celebrate
Happy Holidays

Holiday parties are the perfect time to take a break from the same old, same old and mix things up a bit.

That’s exactly what the MTN team did when we put together this fun and festive s’more station.

We put a creative spin on the classic s’more with ingredients for guests to build their own Nutter Butter, frosted lemon, grasshopper, and Stroopwafel s’mores.

The ingredients for each of these creations are on the chalkboard image below.

For a little taste though, the Nutter Butter s’more is made up of crunchy Nutter Butter cookies, creamy almond butter, fluffy marshmallows, and sweet milk chocolate. (Is your mouth watering, yet?)

Enjoy them as they are or toast them over a Solo Stove, which fits neatly on a display table.

The station will soon become a holiday party staple that leaves guests wanting s’more.

Warmest holiday wishes!

The MTN Team

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Holiday Celebration
Holiday Celebration
Holiday Celebration