How MTN Leverages AI to Better Serve Clients

To stay competitive in the marketplace, businesses have to become early adopters of new technological advancements that can help propel their company forward. At the forefront of these transformations right now is artificial intelligence (AI).

What Is AI?

AI is a technology that enables machines to mimic human intelligence. This involves learning from experience (through data), adjusting to new inputs and executing tasks that usually require human intellect. In the context of marketing, AI allows us to automate routine tasks, analyze data, generate insights and craft more effective marketing strategies. 

It’s important to note that AI isn’t a new technology. In fact, it’s been utilized by advertising platforms, such as Google and Facebook, to serve people with the best results based on their actions and trends. Additionally, AI capabilities are built into many email services (such as Gmail), allowing you to use predictive text to craft messages faster. 

Recent AI advancements in regard to content creation have stirred up a great deal of newfound excitement, conversation and uncertainty. Like any newly adopted technology, AI doesn’t come without inherent challenges and concerns, such as inaccuracy and plagiarism.  

That’s why MTN’s utilization of AI tools, including advanced platforms such as ChatGPT, will always be bolstered by the creativity and discernment of our human team. Every application of AI is carefully initiated, closely monitored and critically reviewed by our seasoned professionals. 

This ensures that our AI use aligns with our commitment to creativity, accountability, and stewardship, safeguarding the unique, custom approach we bring to all our work.

Here’s how we leverage AI technology to benefit clients, without ever losing sight of human touch:

Increased Efficiency for Data Analysis

Efficiency is at the core of any successful business operation, and marketing is no different. AI can automate daunting tasks, such as the organization or analysis of large data sets. For instance, AI can be used to sort through thousands of customer profiles and categorize them based on demographics, preferences and behaviors. This allows MTN to focus its time and talents on more complex responsibilities, such as developing creative campaigns that speak to the unique needs of each audience type. When repetitive, administrative tasks can be handled by AI, we can focus on making strategic decisions that lead to higher conversion rates. 

Retouching Designs For a Polished Look

Through experimentation, we’ve noticed that AI doesn’t quite meet expectations right now when it comes to producing relevant, unique and compelling custom imagery. As a result, we don’t use it for that purpose, but it is a helpful tool for enhancing or retouching images uniquely created by our own design team. This saves time for both us and clients, ensuring that the final product looks polished, but is also tailored to their brand, audience and specific use case scenario.

Fast-Tracking Content Creation and Variations

When clients have an urgent request that requires a quick turnaround, AI can help us fast-track that content for them. AI provides a helpful starting point for short-form copy, such as email blasts, from which our writers can then revise and expand upon, refine for brand voice and tone, personalize for the intended audience, format for the final medium, and fact check for accuracy. Additionally, we leverage AI to write content variations. For example, Google responsive search ads require up to 15 headline options and up to four descriptions, which get combined and tested to see how they perform for different search queries. AI can help to speed up the production of the additional variations, allowing our team to focus on editing each option to make it more compelling. 

Improving ROI By Finding the Right Timing  

Compelling visuals paired with powerful content are foundational to a campaign’s success. However, the value of both diminishes if the execution isn’t timed properly. AI can help us discern the specific days and times when a prospect is most likely to engage with your email or social media content, based on past activity and engagement. These valuable insights ensure we reach out at the most opportune moments. Consequently, this approach not only improves initial engagement, but it also enhances the overall prospect experience by reaching them when they’re most likely to want to hear from us (e.g. not in the middle of a busy workday).  

AI and Human Synergy: The Perfect Marketing Team

At MTN, we believe in leveraging the best of technology and human ingenuity to continually improve our offerings and deliver top-quality work. We view AI as a useful tool, not a replacement for human creativity. While AI provides valuable data analysis, insights and task automation, human intervention still remains integral to craft compelling narratives, design meaningful imagery and provide the creative spark behind our campaigns. This synergy between AI and our creative team drives tangible marketing outcomes that help propel brands forward.