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ISS R&D Conference Collateral

MTN Brands ISS R&D Conference For Second Year

San Diego, CA: Satellite Beach based MTN Advertising was once again called upon by the International Space Station for their 2016 R&D Conference, July 11-14 in San Diego.

With this year’s theme of “Your Catalyst For Discovery”, the event explored unprecedented scientific research being conducted in microgravity aboard the International Space Station (ISS). MTN developed the visual aspects that created a cohesive conference environment, including: way-finding and informative signage, collateral and digital elements.

“It’s an honor to be tapped again for such an important event,” said Chris Fynan, MTN’s Creative Director. “Being part of a conference that brings some of the world’s brightest minds together to further the advancement of humanity is a truly exciting project that we’d look forward to year after year.”

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