On average, U.S. adults consume 6 hours of video per day, according to Nielsen. They’re watching recorded videos on their TVs and computers, using video-centric apps, and perusing live footage on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. 

Some people turn to videos for knowledge, inspiration or even a quick laugh. But video isn’t just a source of entertainment. It’s a powerful business tool. In fact, 90 percent of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube. On top of that, more than half of shoppers say videos helped drive their buying decisions.   

If you’re not utilizing video in your marketing strategy yet, here are five reasons to start.  

  1. Video is here to stay. By 2022, Cisco predicts that online videos will make up more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic. This makes it critical to start investing now — if you haven’t already — as the importance of video is only going to increase.
  2. Video helps offset the burden on your support team. Nearly 94 percent of marketers found videos helpful in improving customer understanding of their product or service. Of those marketers, 43 percent reported that videos helped reduce the number of product support calls. If your company produced videos that clearly explained or showed how your products or solutions work, imagine the amount of time your customer support team might save. They could even use that time to upsell instead.   
  3. Videos get greater engagement than text alone — especially in social media. When people see a video on LinkedIn, they are 20 times more likely to share it than any other type of post. Tweets with videos also attract 10 times more engagement than those without. Simply including “video” in your email subject line can help increase open rates by 19 percent. What a powerful tool to get your prospects’ attention — and use it to help drive customer acquisition.      
  4. Videos can help increase conversions. Videos on landing pages increase conversion rates by 80 percent. Why? Seeing is believing: People want to be able to see the features of a product or how a service or solution works for themselves. It can help build customer confidence in your offerings and, ultimately, be the tipping point that convinces them to buy.  
  5. Video offers measurable results. In 2021, 87 percent of video marketers reported that their video efforts resulted in a positive ROI. That’s a big jump from the 33 percent who felt that way in 2015. The reason for the increase? It could be due to the fact that marketers have a greater understanding of how to use video today, as well as how to track its results. YouTube, as an example, provides free channel analytics, including views, watch time, subscribers, top videos, and top playlists, among other metrics. For those in the YouTube Partner Program, you can also find out estimated revenue.   

The importance of video only continues to grow. If you’d like to learn how video can be incorporated into your greater marketing strategy, MTN can help. We offer full-scale video production, animation and editing services. To explore the options, visit our “Video Marketing Services” page or give us a call at 321.779.1010.